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9th-May-2011 09:04 pm - I MET MAKOTO IN PIGG !
Last week, I met Makoto in Pigg. Hahaha how lucky ! I just ring his room and so surprised when I saw him there. So here it is the short story. NOW NOW !! * ♪(´ε` )

When I enter his room, he was shopping (maybe want to buy clother from catalogue order? :D). Some of fans was there too (more than 10 girls if I'm not mistaken). He just keep silent and didn't say anything. He run from corner to corner of his room and I always followed him hahaha that's so funny :p Suddenly, a girl speak in Thai language and Makoto asked her “Taijin desuka?“ The girl said yes. Mako laughed and I didn't understand what he said, somen ne (︶︿︶)

He didn't speak too much. Then I logout Pigg when he was out of the room. I bet he still play and will back to room again but I was so sleepy that time. So I decided to leave. Bye bye Mako btw thanks for props back ! LOL!

Ahh if you don't know who is Makoto... He is ex vocalist of Λucifer. 

Kakkoii deshou ? Well, I'm not his fans but he is cool and handsome hahahaa. DEEP DEEP KISS MAKOTO ! * 

*ps : He often wrote NOW NOW and DEEP DEEP KISS THAILAND in his twitter. I just trying to imitate him LOL !! :D

☆ 雪の花 でした ☆

8th-Apr-2011 11:13 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER

Hooraaay ! 9th April is my lovely sister [info]chocosweetlove  birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sister ! I wish you happiness and best in life ~ *chuuu* I wish you like my purezento ne. Well...actually I confuse for the presents. But I decide to buy this for her. WHITE CAT in pico !

Cute isn't it ? There's a story when I bought this cat (゜◇゜)

♥ Well...it's hard to buy it because I must using her account to buy this pet. And I don't know her password ! It's impossible to ask her straight "hey what's your Pico password ?" right ? (¬O¬`) and I'm not hacker who can hack someone account !! ... oh forget about that. So last week I said - with an emergency voice- "OMG we must write our passwords in a book so we can't forget all accounts and passwords !!" then I saw her write all her passwords in her book. Yattaaaaaa ! Step one successed !!

♥ In the middle of our working time, I login to her Kotoko account secretly (while she playing another pico account) and I made her busy with work like "please upload more picture in the shop" (≧∀≦*)ノ wwww Then finally I can buy golds ! yaay !

♥ Happy ? NO. Because when I need the white cat, it not appear in pet farm ! And why the farm is full ?? The cat not appear TAT But finally I can buy it. I named it "MAMORU".

♥ Now all finish. When she said "my pet food is missing" I pretended to shocked and said "ohh you must login and check your ring list to find the thief" (well...actually it's MAMORU who ate it LOL). I waited in her room. And when she entered her room...tadaaaa ! ヾ(>▽<)ノ

Esta : " Why the white cat in my room ?"
Me : *smile*
Esta : " You buy it ??? "
Me : " *keep smile*
Esta : " OMG you buy it ??? I want it too ! "
Me : *fainted* (OMG she thought it was mine)

After long silence, finally she realized that it is her cat I give her as a present hahaha so slow sis !! I wish she is happy with the present. もう一度お誕生日おめでとうございます。いつも幸せになるね。

☆ 雪の花 でした ☆


やったね !!
Finally I make new Livejournal. Yes, I decide that I will use the old one just to join the communities like poupee girl, SIDNAD, etc... I think it's good idea to separate community with "private journal" right ?

picture credit to Ashitamo zutto.. LOVE TOMO !! @ Kamio Japan

Talking about account, I just realize that I have too much account. Facebook, e-mail, blogs, photobucket, pico... even I still have Friendster OMG. I will deactive some of them. Using too much account is not good. Really. So my plan tonight is try to remember all my accounts and delete some of them. がんばってアタシ !!  What about you ? Do you have a lot of account too ? ヽ(〃' x ' )ノ

☆ 雪の花 でした ☆

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